Less is More OLC Je pense à toi

372 ThinkingOfYouIt’s a OLC at Less is More Challenge #327 which is always a bigger challenge for me.  I adore all my dies and just can’t help using them ALOT.  I used the ones in this photo,IMG_2760 I searched for the name and just couldn’t find it, so if anyone knows what they are called, please let me know in the comments so that other card makers can find them.  First, I made a stencil with the one on the right and temporarily adhered the die cut, as a mask, onto my card base.  Then I placed my homemade stencil over top and began ink blending with DOx inks in Fossilized Amber and Peacock Feathers.  I removed the stencil and the mask and then I used the left die to dry embossed over the area that was masked off.  This created a beautiful impression of the outline leaves, but since I hadn’t perfectly lined up the die where the die-cut mask had been, some of the outline showed some of my ink blending.  To camouflage the ink, I added liquid perfect pearls in silver pearl.  “Je pense à toi” (Thinking of You) was stamped with the same DOx inks and clear heat embossed.

Thanks for stopping by, THINKING OF YOU, HUGZ, JoannaIMG_2759

6 thoughts on “Less is More OLC Je pense à toi

  1. Artsy and cool, Joanna. Two fantastic die techniques suitable for OLCs. Very clever to use liquid perfect pearls to cover the stencilling. Thank you for joining us at Less is More. x

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  2. Love the use of the perfect pearls and great save. Wonderful masking, blending and stamping. Unique and absolutely gorgeous x


  3. This is so creative Joanna! LOVE the colours of your blended leaves and then the dry embossed one over top. Outlining in pearl is a great save, and also adds a lovely shine. Your sentiment matches the blending of the leaf perfectly. So very cool, my friend! xx

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  4. I love how you’ve used your dies in different ways, Joanna! The colors of the stenciling are so pretty and I love the shiny edge of the die cut over the embossing! Very clever, my friend!

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