Make it work ;)

I searched through my flower stamps and just couldn’t find the idea I had in my head for Judy’s Freshly Made Sketches #405 using the Color Throwdown #563 palette of Orange, Lavender, Purple, and Green.
So I got the Daniel Smith watercolour tubes and I courageously created this hand drawn card on Fabriano 140lb cotton paper. I painted clear water to the shape of each petal and deposited the lavender and purple pigments. The green leaves were done in the same manner. Then I added the orange stamens with a fine brush and I was delighted to see this the end result. Hope you give this a try.

Thanks for stopping by, HUGz, Joanna

10 thoughts on “Make it work ;)

  1. OK Joanna you’ve really got to frame this one. It is so delicate and pretty and great freehand ‘drawing’ and watercolouring ….you are so talented my friend x.

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  2. Wow! I’m impressed Jo! These flowers are so delicate and gorgeous and extra special because you’ve hand painted without a stamp! Love the beautiful colors!

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  3. WOW does not cover the talent you have or the beauty of this card. ! Never saw hand painting so beautiful. It’s a wonder you can buy stamps if you can watercolor a free hand image so perfectly! This is just fabulous!


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